About Triathlons

Triathlons are comprised of three separate disciplines - swimming, cycling and running. 

 If you are thinking about doing a triathlon the best thing is to just do one!

You can train and train in preparation but the reality is after building a basic level of fitness you just need to enter and do your first race! You will find you are not the only person entering for the first time and will most likely not be the last home. Triathlons are usually started in waves which means that after the swim starts competitors will be spread out over the full distance of the course. You will not feel like you are the only one left to finish.

You do not need to do your first race with one of Greg Lemonade's spare time trial bikes. A well looked after mountain bike, a safe helmet, a pair of runners and some swimming goggles will be all you need. 

There is one thing certain, if you do decide to do your first triathlon and continue to do more you will become healthy and fit. Healthier and fitter than almost any other sport. 

Triathlons cover various distances ranging from 60 minutes to 11+ hours. Below are the main races that make up a majority of triathlon events.

Sprint 750m swim - 20km cycle - 5km run

Olympic Distance 1500m swim - 40km cycle - 10km run

Half Ironman (70.3) 1900m swim - 90km cycle - 21.1km run

Long Course 3000m swim -  120km cycle - 30km run

Ironman 3800m swim - 180km cycle - 42.2km run

Best of all it’s a great outlet to meet people of similar ability and interests even learn from them and share experiences.

No better race to enter is our own Blackwater Sprint Triathlon held in Fermoy on August 17th 2013, 

The race is a TI sanctioned race Sprint distance with a 300 meter upstream and 450 meter down stream, followed by nice scenic relatively flat 20K loop cycle, ending with a 2.5 km run out to Castle Hyde and back finishing up in the town park feeling exhilarated! Their will be refreshments for competitors and entertainment for all spectators.

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